Judi Falardeau

I am retired from working many years as a chef and in my own business.

I am running as a Libertarian candidate in St Catharines to offer voters another option.

As a senior, I am very concerned about the affordability of living in Ontario. I see the rising cost of living as a direct result of government policies. Our elected officials do not care about the bottom line, as most Ontarians do in their own household budgets. Instead, they dip into the public purse to buy votes with program promises that we cannot afford. Usually, the actual administration, offices, enforcement, and human resources to run the new “program of the day” costs more than the actual program itself. In effect, the bureaucrats promise us a “better life,” but end up using our tax dollars to expand government itself, while merely appearing to serve us.

Secondly, I am worried about the lack of accountability in our politicians. Over the past number of years, we have seen our leaders undergoing ethics reviews and inquiries into their decisions and behaviour. No real punishments are ever delivered. Instead, we hear many apologies and promises that they will do better.

I do not trust our officials to serve me or my neighbours. As your MPP, I aim to enact legislation to strengthen Freedom of Choice, Individual Freedom and Personal Responsibility. I would enact policies to make ensure Government and Taxation is sensible and controlled. And most importantly, I will enact a Recall Legislation and Democratic Reform so that we can hold politicians to their election promises.

We need to restore sensible spending, reasonable government, and trust in our democracy.

I look forward to your support so I can work toward these goals.