Zachary Tisdale

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Zachary believes the key to prosperity in Ontario is through reducing the size and cost of our provincial government, finding market-based solutions to economic issues, empowering business owners and encouraging foreign investment through lower taxes and deregulation, respecting personal expression to one's lifestyle, identity, and religion, defending property rights, individual rights, bodily autonomy, and the rights of parents to raise their children how they see fit, and by holding establishment political parties accountable for expensive and inefficient programs and lobbyist corruption.

He was inspired to enter politics after witnessing the vast government overreach during the COVID-19 pandemic as small businesses were destroyed by lockdowns, the rise in mental health and substance abuse issues from forced isolation, the failures of our healthcare system to provide us with adequate care, how people's medical rights were violated and their jobs taken away, property rights and travel rights were violated, how children's education and development was interrupted, how dissenting voices were vilified and silenced, how peaceful protests were violently suppressed, and the increase in censorship by the government, media organizations, and big technology companies.

Zachary is the Business Analytics and Segmentation Lead for a Mutual Insurance Company, specializing in farm insurance. He is a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional and Associate of Insurance Data Analytics, and is the upcoming Chair on the Kawartha-Durham Council of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

Zachary lives in Lindsay, Ontario with his wife Amanda and their children Mackenzie and Connor. He grew up in Bradford and Aurora, and graduated from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Mathematics and Business Administration, with a minor in economics.

My Positions

Housing - Address the price of housing by reducing red tape for developers to build more homes! Encourage market solutions and competition to reduce the cost of rent! Ensure sustainable levels of immigration!

Healthcare & Education - Improve our healthcare system by introducing more options for care, while protecting universality and accessibility! Support Opt-In and Opt-Out legislation to give people more control. Respect individual's choices with regards to vaccinations and masks! Support parental rights over their children's education, reduce administrative costs and fight bureaucracy!

Jobs & the Economy - Fight inflation and rising cost-of-living by reducing the size and cost of government! Eliminate wasteful spending and handouts for special interest groups! Oppose the return of any COVID mandates and lockdowns! Advocate for those who lost their employment over their vaccination status! Encourage private-sector competition and free trade. Empower people and encourage businesses through deregulation and lower taxes! Reduce the HST from 13% to 10%! Eliminate the Carbon Tax! Reduce personal income taxes! Cut the Corporate Tax rate from 11.5% down to 10%, and then down to 8% within 5 years! End Corporate welfare! Pay down the provincial debt! Advocate for alternative currencies!

Transportation & the Environment - Minimize the impact of the Bradford By-Pass on York-Simcoe residents and the environment by advocating for the use of natural land barriers and trees to reduce noise!