Next Meetup

This will be  an informal meeting over drinks and/or dinner to discuss politics and the state of the province, country and planet. Mark Snow, Leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party, will be present to answer any questions you have about the Party. 
Here ae some of the topics you might want to discuss with the people at your table.
Were you able to resist the COVID-19 mandates or did you have to comply? Were you surprised that 90% of the population complied, or do you have a theory about why?
Were you surprised by the government censorship of Facebook and Twitter revealed in the published files? Or was it pretty much what you suspected?
Are you concerned that Prime Minister Trudeau and Deputy Prime Minister Freeland are members of the WEF and that we are likely headed to a Central Bank Digital Currency to replace Canada's fiat currency?
Do you think AI will be as revolutionary as the invention of the printing press or the atomic bomb? If so, should the government regulate it, and how?
You are welcome to join us even if you believe the purpose of government is to help us, or if you want to play devil's advocate.