Toronto Libertarian Meetup

Next Meetup

That got your attention didn’t it.
Our Speaker for this meeting is Scott Cordier, CFP, CLU, Authorized Infinite Banking Practitioner. He will explain the benefits of the Infinite Banking Canada Group (IBC) and how you can avoid taxes on your savings and investments. The IBC is founded in the principles of Austrian Economics, so you know they understand and agree with libertarians on the problems created by Keynesian ideology.

Points to be discussed are:

  1. “The Apple Tree”: how to turn your expenses into assets that will make money for generations
  2. “Seed vs Crop”: the issue with RRSPs and why you should not participate in this government scam
  3. “2 partners in a mortgage”: the more interest you save the more interest you lose
  4. “Fractional Reserve Banking, Central Banks, Q.E. and the lie about CDIC Insurance”: and how to get your money out of the system.

Please contact Jim McIntosh (416-474-9482 or if you plan to attend so he can make adequate reservations.