Toronto Libertarian Meetup

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Join us for an evening of discussion over dinner and/or drinks. Each table determines what they will discuss.
Do you wonder why so many people believe the purpose of government is to Help People? Instead they have taken away many of our responsibilities, from educating our children to taking care of our aging parents and providing free medical care, if you can get it. Is there anything they do well?

Can you believe Trudeau when he blames the grocery industry for inflation? He has added his escalating carbon tax to every step of the supply chain. and devalued our currency by printing/borrowing money to "help" people he harmed by his Covid mandates. He is leading us down the road to serfdom.

If you have any questions I will be happy to provide an answer if no one else beats me to it. I will also be happy to give my theory on how Canada and other western democracies progressed from Classical liberal to socialist.