Democratic Reform

The essence of democracy is that the will of the people is being acted upon by Government. Today, we have situations where a small percentage of the voting population elects a Government with Majority power. In a multi-party system, the percentage to elect a Government can be far less than 50% of the people that voted, and much less again than the total number of people that could vote. Special interest groups know that they can influence Government in their favour, and often times legislation is passed that gives advantages and benefits to some while being paid for by others.

Some simple changes can create a greater connection between the voters and the people elected to represent the voters.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will modernize our democracy!
Here's how:

  • enact recall legislation
  • add a sunset clause on all new and existing legislation, meaning the legislation will have to be reviewed and voted on again in 5 years
  • referendum for certain types of legislation, including any new or increased level of taxation
  • eliminate Government funding of political parties, including subsidies and tax credits
  • establish a public inquiry into Government corruption similar to the Charbonneau Inquiry in Quebec

That is how we will modernize our democracy!