The education system in Ontario is primarily a Government run system. Like all Government run programs and services, the costs keep rising and the results keep getting worse. A one size fits all system, managed out of Toronto gives parents little choice. The children in most families are in effect destined to school options that will lead to them having poor outcomes and opportunities when they graduate.

At present, Ontario taxpayers pay more for education than anywhere else in Canada, and the results keep declining. The reason is there are few and limited incentives for Ontario schools to improve. Innovation is almost non-existent. Curriculum changes such as the new sex/ed curriculum are not matching the preferences of many parents.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will put parents back in charge!
Here's how:

  • per student funding will be attached to the student and not the school 
  • catchment areas will be eliminated, good schools will thrive, bad schools will adapt or close
  • more "magnet schools" would be expected to emerge within the Government system
  • students will be able to enroll in any school of their parent's choice, Government or non-Government
  • per student funding will apply equally to non-Government schools, although no non-Government school will be required to receive Government funds
  • per student funding will apply equally to home schools, although no homeschooler will be required to receive Government funds
  • any Government legislation that ties curriculum or any education related aspect of what happens in the school to Government per student funding or anything else will be amended to specifically exclude non-Government and home school delivered education
  • non-Government school options will have few, if any education related constraints from Government

That is how we will put parents back in charge!