Jobs & The Economy

Ontario has everything going for it - abundant natural resources, well educated people, proximity to the largest economy in the world. Yet in spite of these natural advantages, people and companies are fleeing the province for other jurisdictions. The only thing that needs to be changed for Ontario to the most attractive place to work and operate a business is Government policy.

At present, Government intervention in the economy has passed the tipping point. Ontario is no longer an attractive place for people to work and businesses to locate. In all parts of the province, businesses are closing and people are out of work and facing limited opportunities. Government is the problem. A change from the status quo is needed.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will make Ontario a job magnet!
Here's how:

  • we will put in place a sensible electricity policy, our theme for Hydro Rates is "Cut your hydro bill in half".
  • we will put in place a sensible Government and Taxation plan, including balance the provincial budget
  • we will repeal the job-killing Cap & Trade Carbon Tax
  • we will end any Government program and service related to mitigating climate change
  • we will end Corporate taxation, of course Corporations will still pay HST
  • we will end all grants and loans to Corporations and other entities
  • we will end mandatory insurance with WSIB
  • we will end mandatory registration with the College of Trades

That is how we will make Ontario a job magnet!