Property Rights

One of the most fundamental rights in society is to own property. Today, in Ontario, Government has little or no reluctance in passing legislation that degrades the rights of property owners - owners of private residences, farms, recreational properties, etc. Without strengthened property rights, there really is no incentive to work hard, save money and invest in property. When Government can arbitrarily and without compensation, take away and erode property rights, people are really little more than property managers for a Government owner.

Successive legislation and regulation has eroded and taken away property rights from individuals in Ontario.

The Ontario Libertarian Party will say loud and clear - "Back Off Government"!
Here's how:

  • Government agents will have no special privilege under the Ontario Trespass Act
  • Conservation Authorities and any other Department or Agency will have no jurisdiction over privately owned property. What this means for instance is the operator of a bar or restaurant can allow smoking on the premises without Government interference so long as the property owner is in agreement.
  • The Ontario Building Code Act will be amended so that it does not apply on a mandatory basis. Property owners can use the Code as guidance if they like. There will be no restrictions on off-grid solar installations.
  • Municipal Bylaw inspectors will have no right of entry or inspection uninvited without a judge's order.
  • Reduce the Ontario Land Transfer Tax to be a flat fee of $275 instead of the current fee that is based on the property value.

That is how we will say loud and clear "Back Off Government"!