You may be coming to this page expecting to see what most political parties do. They outline a bunch of new stuff that they will be providing to a certain group of people - in this case youth, as a way to buy their votes with their own and other people's money. You won't see that here. Instead we will take the opportunity to point out that the youth of our province are being really screwed by the Government. Youth are having the debt of current and past generations dumped on their shoulders in what can only be seen as a form of inter-generational theft.

So instead of offering youth free tuition that will have to be paid back with high accumulated interest, free or subsidized electric cars or other silly ideas, we will offer our youth a return to sensible Government.

Here's how:

  • we will put in place a sensible electricity policy, our theme for Hydro Rates is "Cut your hydro bill in half".
  • we will put in place a sensible Government and Taxation plan, including balancing the provincial budget
  • we will repeal existing legislation that restricts the supply of housing units of all types especially in the Greater Toronto - Hamilton area, so that our youth can afford to purchase or rent accommodation
  • we will end Corporate taxation, of course Corporations will still pay HST, making Ontario a job magnet to grow the number of good paying jobs
  • we will adapt a failing healthcare system to allow people to buy what they want and need instead of being forced to stand in line for rationed services
  • we will modernize the school system so when our youth are ready to have families, they will find many quality school choices in all parts of the province

That is how we will prevent youth from becoming - Generation Screwed!