April 2020

The Civil Rights Argument Against the Economic Shutdown

Charter of Rights and Freedoms

In response to the COVID emergency, provincial and municipal governments have made several orders that violate the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. It is the Ontario Libertarian Parties position that all Canadian citizens and permanent residents have the right to travel and to work during the current COVID crisis and these rights are guaranteed by existing law.

Sign the Free the People Petition

Guy with one arm in handcuffs

As more data on Covid-19 becomes available daily, it is abundantly clear that the emergency measures taken by the Canadian government are no longer necessary to ensure the continued safety of the people. While social distancing and other measures are welcome voluntarily, we believe the unseen consequences of forcibly shutting down businesses carry a human cost far greater than the federal and provincial governments have considered.

Understanding the Foundation for Teachers’ Strikes in Ontario

Cuts Hurt Kids Protest Signs

While much has been made about the ‘resolution’ of the teachers’ job action in Ontario, most of the discussion has missed two fundamental aspects of the debate: school choice and unionization in the public sector. No long-term, lasting solution can be achieved if these two factors are ignored.