Libertarian Meetups across Ontario

The Toronto Pub Night is being held on zoom and everyone is welcome. All other pub nights are temporarily cancelled pending the end of the PC parties shutdown of our economy

Come by and meet flesh and blood libertarians at one of our monthly “dinner” meetings across Ontario. We promise not to bite non-libertarians who want to find out more about our philosophy and politics. But we do promise a vigorous debate in support of our ideas. If you like the idea of smaller government, the "Party of Choice" may be the political home you've been looking for.

There is no fee or cover charge, just pay your own tab.

Bring a friend. Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there!


Bradford Pub Meet - March 26, 2020 - 7:00 PM
(Last Thursday each month) 
Location: Village Inn, 2 Holland Street East
Why not come out, grab a pint and some wings and discuss politics with some local Libertarians. Everyone and anyone is welcome, so feel free to bring a friend. 
Next Month's Meeting: Thursday April 30th, 2020


Owen Sound Libertarian Brunch - TBA 2020
Location: Shorty's Grill967 - 3rd Ave. E., Owen Sound

If you are looking for an alternative to the established political parties and believe in less government and lower taxes, come out to our next Libertarian Meeting. We will to continue to discuss climate change/environmental protection/carbon taxes and the Liberal's new police-state impaired driving legislation. See the attachments for how the elites travel to Switzerland for their annual gabfest on climate change and how big an impact Canada has on global weather compared to other countries i.e. insignificant, no matter what we do or not do.

For more information E-mail Larry Zalmers or phone 519-379-5931.


Kitchener-Waterloo Pub Night - Thursday Mar 19th, 2020, 7:00 PM
(3rd Thursday each month)
Location: Crabby Joe's65 University Ave, Waterloo.
Come out to enjoy friendly libertarian conversation.  Invite your friends - all are welcome. Come out and enjoy some friendly Libertarian conversation and company. Please invite your friends; all are welcome.  Please RSVP to Paul Herriot by email or call 519 208-8379 so he can reserve a large-enough table.
Next meeting: scheduled for Thursday April 23th, 2020


Toronto Pub Night

Next Meetup Wednesday May 13, 2020 at 7:00 PM
(Normally 2nd Wednesday each month)

Meeting ID: 962 054 232
Password: 013115

Since “social distancing" is in effect, this Event will be held online using Zoom.

Our guest speaker at this meeting will be William Tomos Edwards. He is a writer, philosopher, and entrepreneur and the founder of Bright Tapestry Data. He has consulted for Canadian NGO's and his articles on the debate between determinism and free will have been featured in Quillette.

Mr. Edwards will address the question, "Is innovation a threat to the powerful?" He will explain why this may be so, provide evidence that elites are harming innovation, and offer reasons why the elite would want to suppress innovation. I expect this will generate some lively discussion.

There is no fee for the meetup. We meet on the second Wednesday of each month. Hopefully the Social Distancing requirement will be removed in a month or two. We often get about 25 people. Many come as a result of our notice on Facebook or our web site, so don't go by the number who have responded here.

For more information email Jim McIntosh or phone him at 416-474-9482.


Ottawa Meetup - Sunday April 5th, 2020, 2:00 PM
(1st Sunday each month or 2nd Sunday if long weekend) 
Location: O'Brien's eatery and Pub1145 Heron Road.  Everyone is welcome - and we always have fun. There is no charge for the meeting. Just pay for your own food and drink. Please email Mark Snow  or just show up.
Next Meeting:  Sunday May 3rd, 2020


Mississauga Pub Night - Thursday March 26th, 2020 - 7PM
Location: Chuck's Roadhouse - 1151 Dundas Street E, Mississauga (Dixie and Dundas) 
Join us for discussion on the direction of the party and for libertarian ideas pertaining to current affairs in general.
This great pub atmosphere offers extraordinary eats and favourite drinks. We look forward to meeting with you.
Next Meeting: Thursday April 30 2020 - 7PM


Woodstock Pub Night - TBA
Location: Charles Dickens Pub - 505 Dundas Street, Woodstock 
Join us for discussion on the direction of the party and for libertarian ideas pertaining to current affairs in general.
This great pub atmosphere offers extraordinary eats and favourite drinks. We look forward to meeting with you.
Next Meeting: Date TBA. Watch this page for details


Online Members Conference Call - TBA Members only for these meetings - calls suspended until further notice.
Members only welcome for a chat with Party leadership on Platform/Positions and preparation for the next Ontario General Election. Instructions for attending the call in are here: 


For information on how to organize a Pub Night in your area, or to update a listing, please contact us.