Coreen Corcoran

Member Profile

Coreen Corcoran was elected to the position of Campaign Director in November 2, 2019. Coreen was the Ontario Libertarian Party candidate for Nepean-Carleton during the Ontario Election in 2014. She also ran as the Libertarian Party of Canada candidate in Ottawa-Vanier in 2015, and in Ottawa-Centre in 2019. She is currently the president of the OLP Ottawa-Vanier constituency association.

Coreen feels that most parties are focused on an idealized version of a middle class family that no longer exists. Demographics are changing with more households headed by single people and seniors. She is tired of the government controlling every aspect of our lives, and viewing taxpayers only as a revenue stream to support poorly executed initiatives and bloated administrations.

Coreen has lived in Ottawa most of her life. She grew up in Ottawa South and attended Carleton University where she received a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in Mass Communications and Film Studies. In 2016, she completed a Master of Arts with a specialization in Global Change. She currently works as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst.