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The Ontario Libertarian Party has three classes of members: regular members, associate members, and free members. Regular members can vote at conventions, become a candidate and run as a member of our Executive Committee. To become a voting member you must accept the statement "I am for individual liberty". Anyone can become an associate member to support our party but associate members cannot vote. Anyone who accepts the statement, “I wish to be a Free Member of the Ontario Libertarian Party” shall be a Free Member of the Party. Those on a free membership will not be given voting privileges or any other such perk that paid members in good standing receive;

  • a free member is not allowed to attend convention unless they pay the membership fee on the spot;
  • is not allowed to serve on the board of the party or the board of a Constituency Association (CA);
  • cannot provide input or vote on platform development;
  • cannot seek nomination as a candidate, and
  • cannot vote to confirm a candidate at the CA level.

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