Has your opinion of the Pan Am Games changed since the games began - Positive or Negative?

Yes - now more positive, it was worth all the money and inconvenience.
6% (1 vote)
Yes - now more negative, I think it was overrated and too expensive.
22% (4 votes)
No change - I still support the entire venture.
6% (1 vote)
No change - I always thought the money spent could be put to better use.
67% (12 votes)
Total votes: 18

The Ontario government is planning to sell a portion of its Hydro One shares to private investors in an effort to raise money.

Good idea because it avoids raising taxes or borrowing money for transit infrastructure.
2% (2 votes)
Good idea because it allows some competition in a monopoly industry, which can reduce costs and improve service.
2% (2 votes)
Bad idea because the government loses control over the sold portion of Hydro One.
82% (80 votes)
Bad idea because opposition parties are apposed to it.
4% (4 votes)
No difference to consumers because the OEB controls the price of electricity and not the private investors.
10% (10 votes)
Total votes: 98


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We start with a reminder that December 31 is the deadline for donations to receive a refundable Political Tax Credit for 2017. "Refundable" means that you receive the credit of 75% of the first $399 donated even if you don't owe any taxes. If you haven't yet donated this year, or if you would like to top up your donation to help us with our 2018 election campaign, now is the time (see below).  

We report on the Convention held November 4,including the elections and listing of new Executive and Ethics Committee members. Allen Small provides a summary of his report to the Convention.  

Scott Marshall, our new Campaign Director, reports on the progress of our "Full Slate" campaign.  

As usual, we include a list of Libertarian meetings around the province. 

And last, but not  least, there was room for a few quotes from Thomas Jefferson.