March 2020

By-Election Wrap Up

Ken Lewis at the debates in Ottawa-Vanier

By-elections are generally an unwanted but necessary disruption for all political parties. We scramble to find candidates and try to convince voters that this is just as important as a general election. Running one in February, however, comes with a different set of challenges, with snow and cold weather at the top of that list. Having to put up signs in melting then falling snow ramps that up even more.

Unity in Our Roots

Brad Greulich Moderating the 2019 Convention

While I was watching the leadership race unfold at the Convention, I was reminded of how libertarians as a group can share the same core values, but differ so much about their application. We tend to argue a great deal over small details, (this is not a bad thing, as it forces us to consider our opinions carefully) while sometimes forgetting that we share major points of agreement.

The End of the Beginning, Part 2

Jean-Serge Brisson on Laptop

This is a continuation of Jean-Serge Brisson’s article published in the Winter 2019 issue of Bulletin.

When the news of my victory died down after the GST trial, I didn’t know what I would do to force a resolution to the situation I was in. I mean, I didn’t do all of this just for kicks. As per my comments to the investigator back in 1994, my intent was to end this practice of slavery by small business for the government.

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Article 1 - Vision

The Vision of the Party shall be: "Communities of freedom, harmony, and abundance."

Article 2 - Mission

The Mission of the Party shall be: "To enable endless possibilities through recognition of, respect for, and protection of individual liberty."

Article 3 - Values

The Values of the Party shall be:


Article 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be the “Ontario Libertarian Party,”

hereinafter referred to as the “Party.”

Article 2 - Duration

The duration of the Party shall be perpetual.

Article 3 - Purpose

The purpose of the Party is to modify the political structure and social environment of Ontario to provide the greatest amount of freedom for individuals. To that end the Party shall:

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