There was a time when everyone had chickens


Chickens provided food, they created fertilizer, they kept the grass and soil healthy.  Then government stepped in, banned local animal husbandry, they also created the egg marketing boards in conjunction with industry. Same as beef, pork and dairy markets.

Local municipalities put in place regulations to limit private property owner's ability to produce their own food, further creating dependency on store chains.  Industry is NEEDED to mass produce food, there is no doubt about that.

But, why do we need regulations and outright enforcement of some who want to sell eggs, or chickens, or RAW milk.  People can make a choice for either system of procurement ... but only one is authorized, the other can have your property seized and you jailed.

Independent farmers are no threat to the agri-food industry, and are needed.  They can both compete in healthy environment and the market will decide. Furthermore, a Belgium town gave away 6000 chickens and it reduced 100 tons of waste to landfill.

There are real smart solutions out there to environmental problems, not just taxation.

Video: Joel Salatin On Why Everyone Should Have Chickens

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