Sign the Free the People Petition - By Keith Komar

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As more data on Covid-19 becomes available daily, it is abundantly clear that the emergency measures taken by the Canadian government are no longer necessary to ensure the continued safety of the people. While social distancing and other measures are welcome voluntarily, we believe the unseen consequences of forcibly shutting down businesses carry a human cost far greater than the federal and provincial governments have considered.

By-Election Wrap Up by Coreen Corcoran

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By-elections are generally an unwanted but necessary disruption for all political parties. We scramble to find candidates and try to convince voters that this is just as important as a general election. Running one in February, however, comes with a different set of challenges, with snow and cold weather at the top of that list. Having to put up signs in melting then falling snow ramps that up even more.

Unity in Our Roots - By Brad Greulich

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While I was watching the leadership race unfold at the Convention, I was reminded of how libertarians as a group can share the same core values, but differ so much about their application. We tend to argue a great deal over small details, (this is not a bad thing, as it forces us to consider our opinions carefully) while sometimes forgetting that we share major points of agreement.

The End of the Beginning, Part 2 - By Jean-Serge Brisson

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This is a continuation of Jean-Serge Brisson’s article published in the Winter 2019 issue of Bulletin.

When the news of my victory died down after the GST trial, I didn’t know what I would do to force a resolution to the situation I was in. I mean, I didn’t do all of this just for kicks. As per my comments to the investigator back in 1994, my intent was to end this practice of slavery by small business for the government.

Leader's Report by Keith Komar

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I want to open this report by saying that it is a tremendous honour to have been elected leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party. I cannot tell you what a privilege it is to have the opportunity to serve as the face and voice of our movement. Our party has already had many things happen since November's convention to propel us on our journey to becoming a viable option at the ballot box.


This weekend, as we have for the past five going on six Saturdays, we will once again take to the streets in defiance of Doug Ford's lockdown of the provincial economy. 

While we understand the seriousness of any infectious disease when it's exposed to the vulnerable, the socioeconomic consequences of the Regressive Conservative shutdown have brought massive unemployment to our province, cost people their businesses and homes, caused supply shortages and price inflation. Time will only tell what damage will be done to the mental health of Ontarians when the stats come in on suicide and overdose rates.

The Ontario Libertarian Party is the party of choice. We believe in the power of Ontarians to make responsible decisions. We believe in the ability of small business owners to mitigate risk while still providing services and goods in a safe and efficient manner. We believe in protecting the rights of each and every individual in this province and know that only each individual knows what course of action is best for them.

We OPPOSE the government picking winners and losers in the economy. We oppose politicians deciding who will work and who will starve, who will pay their rent or mortgage and who will lose their home. And we are outraged and disgusted that ANY member of government, from the Premier to the dog catcher, dare call any hard working Ontarian nonessential. The wage of every barber, every waitress, every dentist, every doctor is essential to their life and the lives of their families. 

Every week this devastating gong show carries on, our outrage grows and our numbers with it. And just as our protests have grown in size as the weeks progress, the number of protests has grown with it, as we will be in 3 locations now.

12pm this Saturday, we rally at the following locations:

Toronto - Queen's Park, south end of the park at top of University Avenue in front of the Ontario Legislature.

Ottawa - Parliament Hill, Wellington St

Kitchener-Waterloo - Waterloo Public Sq., 75 King St S. Waterloo.

If your health, and the health of those close to you permits, we hope to see you there. If it doesn't, we believe in you to make the responsible choice and support us in spirit.

Be well, and remember. Nothing is more essential than freedom.