January 2018

Explore New Possibilities

It is never too late to start doing the right thing. A new approach is needed now, that both solves the mess, and once again makes Ontario a great place to live and work. Government is out of gas and out of time. Hydro rates are through the roof and ruining people and businesses. Rationing of essential services is now commonplace. The emphasis must now be on the growth of non-Government delivery of programs and services and less emphasis on Government delivery of programs and services. Government has failed the people of Ontario. 


The education system in Ontario is primarily a Government run system. Like all Government run programs and services, the costs keep rising and the results keep getting worse. A one size fits all system, managed out of Toronto gives parents little choice. The children in most families are in effect destined to school options that will lead to them having poor outcomes and opportunities when they graduate.


Many people are surprised to find out that Ontario's healthcare providers are in high demand. People travel from around the world and visit Ontario. Some specifically travel to Ontario for medical treatment. They get treatment, either with an insurance plan, or even by paying out of pocket. A person that comes to Ontario and has a baby, pays around $3,000. About half for the medical staff and about half for the facility (hospital) and supplies. It happens every day. Why can't people in Ontario get access to their own healthcare services when they need it?

Jobs & The Economy

Ontario has everything going for it - abundant natural resources, well educated people, proximity to the largest economy in the world. Yet in spite of these natural advantages, people and companies are fleeing the province for other jurisdictions. The only thing that needs to be changed for Ontario to the most attractive place to work and operate a business is Government policy.

Democratic Reform

The essence of democracy is that the will of the people is being acted upon by Government. Today, we have situations where a small percentage of the voting population elects a Government with Majority power. In a multi-party system, the percentage to elect a Government can be far less than 50% of the people that voted, and much less again than the total number of people that could vote. Special interest groups know that they can influence Government in their favour, and often times legislation is passed that gives advantages and benefits to some while being paid for by others.

Government and Taxation

A wise person will understand "something that cannot go on for ever - won't!" For 50 years, Government has been growing and borrowing to pay the bills. Ontario's accumulated debt is over $300 Billion, interest charges are the third largest government expense, after Healthcare and Education and more than every other Government activity. The average taxpayer is paying around $100 in interest payments every single month and getting nothing for it. This unsustainable Government growth has happened while the economy was also growing. Everybody can tell, times are different now. With globalization, economies are much more competitive and Ontario has to be more sensible and responsible in its Government operations. The provincial Government is involved in too much at present, and this has to change. Already young people are leaving the province to seek out better opportunities in different jurisdictions. The thing is - Ontario has everything going for it - abundant natural resources, well educated people, proximity to the largest economy in the world. The only thing that needs to be changed for Ontario to begin growing again is Government policy.


You may be coming to this page expecting to see what most political parties do. They outline a bunch of new stuff that they will be providing to a certain group of people - in this case youth, as a way to buy their votes with their own and other people's money. You won't see that here. Instead we will take the opportunity to point out that the youth of our province are being really screwed by the Government. Youth are having the debt of current and past generations dumped on their shoulders in what can only be seen as a form of inter-generational theft.

Hydro Rates

This is probably the greatest problem plaguing Ontario residents and businesses. Surprisingly, it is also the easiest to fix. This is a relatively recent problem, and is the direct result of Government policy. By changing the policy, the situation immediately changes. Hydro rates in Ontario can return to normal and competitive levels in just a year or two.