Gene Balfour is on the ballot in Kitchener Centre

Gene Balfour for Kitchener Centre

The Ontario Libertarian Party is pleased to announce our candidate in the Kitchener Centre by-election on November 30, 2023

Advocate for Less Government

Gene Balfour has advocated for Less Government since 1979 a few years after earning an Honours Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo. He has come to believe that the #1 problem in Canada today is Too Much Government at all levels.

A lifelong student of Economics combined with a 40-year career in Information Technology primarily as a Professional Recruiter, Gene has served clients in virtually all sectors of the economy and interviewed over 10,000 IT professionals. This experience informs his unique insights into the evolving Digital Economy and its implications for current and future generations.

Since retirement in 2018, Gene has published two books and posted over 300 articles under MY LIFE LENS, his online bulletin on Substack. Writing has sharpened and refined Gene's already sophisticated thinking about the appropriate roles for government institutions, as well as their size, cost and scope of authority.

Gene's is a voice Canadians need to infuse new ideas and approaches into public discussions on this topic. This is especially true now as we plunge headlong into the emerging Digital Age.

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My Life Lens